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Installation Instructions for Corvette/GTM Suspension Alignment Shims

-Use the supplied bolts and washers in place of the "stock" cam bolts. Reuse the "stock" nut.

-Shims are laser cut 3/16 steel with holes numbered 0 to 7. Total of 24 shims for a GTM application in each kit.

-Shims are eight way positionable. Four offsets per shim, and two different sides, make for eight different positions from just one shim.

-15 total different positions are possible by orienting the two different shims in the various positions.

-Two color coordinated types of shims for easy identification.

Silver = Positions 1,2,5,6. Gold = Positions 0,3,4,7.

-Adjustable from +10.5 millimeters (Shim #7) from center location (Shim #0) to -10.5 millimeters (Shim #7) from center location (Shim #0).

-Number will correspond to the correct hole when the number is properly readable and in the lower center to lower right hand quadrant of the related hole.

-Take note of the indexing notch in the picture in order to orient the shim in either the + or – position of the desired numbered hole which will relate to the desired offset.

Helpful Notes

-For finer adjustment, shims can be staggered with, say for example, a number 5 on one side and a number 6 on the other, of one suspension arm mounting point. This will effectively give you half of the adjustment, or .75 millimeters change. The #5 and #6 shim example would therefore yield an 8.25 millimeter offset from center. By using the shims in this manner, the effective adjustability is increased to 29 different locating positions within an overall distance of 21 millimeters. This method may make getting the bolt through the "stack" a little difficult, and you should make double sure the shims are seated within the tab guides when utilizing this method.

-Make sure to readjust toe once suspension settings are achieved with the shims.

-This system makes adjustments that are repeatable and easy to do, even at a race track on an uneven surface.

-Shims may have to be mismatched in order to get the bolt to go through the suspension point "stack" depending upon overall arm orientation.