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These components are custom made to My Race Shop's specifications and provide signicant amounts of downforce and air management with minimal amounts of drag.

Our wings are custom made to order and are available from 24 to 80 inches in width. They can be run in single, double, and triple element configurations. They have a foam filled core that is poured around an aluminum structure. The outer skin is hand laid around the foam and structure in a one piece "seamless" mold. As these are custom items, please allow up to 8 weeks for completion. Prepreg autoclaved carbon layups are available at an increased price and lead time. Please call to inquire further. 619-758-8342
Our rear diffusers are custom made to your exact specifications. In most cases it is easiest to build the diffusers with yor vehicle at our shop location, especially if there are complicated shapes required to accomodate things like dry sump pumps, engine oil pans, and transaxles. Please call to discuss 619-758-8342.