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Team Prototype Development Group is the name of the Team that runs the worlds first and winningest GTM. We are lucky enough to count ourselves as one of the few that have been tapped to help develop this car into the driving force it has become.

Many thanks to Richard and Yvonne Migliori for the opportunities to test new products on their truly unique test bed.

A link to the Prototype Development Group website can be found by clicking on the picture below.

Use this button to make a donation to Team PDG. It will show as $1 in PayPal and if you want to donate , say, $50, then you simply need to increase quantity to 50. Please note that all orders under $101 will be automatically charged shipping by PayPal. Just subtract the shipping amount from the amount you actually want to donate. ALL $$ COLLECTED, INCLUDING SHIPPING $$, WILL GO TO TEAM PDG. Thanks to all for your continued support!